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Cyclic Loading Test of Structural Walls with Small Openings

(Park, Hong-Gun; Kang, Su-Min; Chung, Lan; Yu, Hyun-Jin, Springer Open, 2019-07-22)

PLANT U-BOX PROTEIN 10 negatively regulates abscisic acid response in Arabidopsis

(Seo, Jun Sung; Zhao, Pingzhi; Jung, Choonkyun; Chua, Nam-Hai, SpringerOpen, 2019-07-27)


(최병선, 세경사, 2007-09-04)

Hemodynamically balanced congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries with a large ventricular septal defect, and subvalvular pulmonic stenosis: a case report

(Song, Young Hwan; Cho, Sang-Yeong; Yoon, Yeonyee E; Lee, Wonjae; Kang, Si-Hyuck; Lim, Cheong; Cho, Goo-Yeong; Seo, Jeong-Wook, BioMed Central, 2019-07-19)

Imaging-based clusters in former smokers of the COPD cohort associate with clinical characteristics: the SubPopulations and intermediate outcome measures in COPD study (SPIROMICS)

(Haghighi, Babak; Choi, Sanghun; Choi, Jiwoong; Hoffman, Eric A; Comellas, Alejandro P; Newell, John D; Lee, Chang H; Barr, R. G; Bleecker, Eugene; Cooper, Christopher B; Couper, David; Han, Mei L; Hansel, Nadia N; Kanner, Richard E; Kazerooni, Ella A; Kleerup, Eric A C; Martinez, Fernando J; O’Neal, Wanda; Paine, Robert; Rennard, Stephen I; Smith, Benjamin M; Woodruff, Prescott G; Lin, Ching-Long, BioMed Central, 2019-07-15)

Association between ambient particulate matter concentration and fetal growth restriction stratified by maternal employment

(Choe, Seung-Ah; Jang, Jiyeong; Jun, Yoon-Bae; Kim, Sun-Young; Kim, Min Jung, BioMed Central, 2019-07-15)

Repeated failure of implants at the same site: a retrospective clinical study

(Kang, Dong-Woo; Kim, So-Hyun; Choi, Yong-Hoon; Kim, Young-Kyun, Springer Open, 2019-07-10)

Cell type-specific epigenetic links to schizophrenia risk in the brain

(Mendizabal, Isabel; Berto, Stefano; Usui, Noriyoshi; Toriumi, Kazuya; Chatterjee, Paramita; Douglas, Connor; Huh, Iksoo; Jeong, Hyeonsoo; Layman, Thomas; Tamminga, Carol A; Preuss, Todd M; Konopka, Genevieve; Yi, Soojin V, BioMed Central, 2019-07-09)

Novel implant design of the proximal interphalangeal joint using an optimized rolling contact joint mechanism

(Hong, Seok Woo; Gong, Hyun Sik; Yoon, Junsuk; Kim, Yong-Jae, BioMed Central, 2019-07-12)

Combination therapy of vitamin C and thiamine for septic shock in a multicentre, double-blind, randomized, controlled study (ATESS): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

(Park, Jong Eun; Jo, Ik Joon; Chung, Sung Phil; Lee, Hui Jai; You, Kyoung Min; Hwang, Sung Yeon; Jo, You Hwan; Suh, Gil Joon; Kim, Won Young; Ryoo, Seung Mok; Shin, Tae Gun; Kim, Seonwoo; Kong, Taeyoung; Shin, Jonghwan; Kim, Doyun; Kim, Taegyun; Kim, Youn-Jung; Choi, Sung-Hyuk, BioMed Central, 2019-07-11)

중장년 북한이탈주민의 경제적 노후준비 저해경험에 관한 사례연구

(김정근; 김효주, 서울대학교 통일평화연구원, 2019-06-26)

1950년대 북한의 두 ‘평화의 마음’

(김태경; 이우영; 구갑우, 서울대학교 통일평화연구원, 2019-06-26)

핵연구 관점에서 본 북핵과 비핵화

(김성철, 서울대학교 통일평화연구원, 2019-06-26)

최근 북한경제 연구 현황과 과제

(김석진, 서울대학교 통일평화연구원, 2019-06-26)

북한연구방법론의 쟁점과 과제

(고유환, 서울대학교 통일평화연구원, 2019-06-26)

Dietary pattern, dietary total antioxidant capacity, and dyslipidemia in Korean adults

(Kim, Seong-Ah; Joung, Hyojee; Shin, Sangah, BioMed Central, 2019-07-13)

Pathway analysis of rare variants for the clustered phenotypes by using hierarchical structured components analysis

(Lee, Sungyoung; Kim, Sunmee; Kim, Yongkang; Oh, Bermseok; Hwang, Heungsun; Park, Taesung, BioMed Central, 2019-07-11)

Meta-Qtest: meta-analysis of quadratic test for rare variants

(Ka, Jieun; Lee, Jaehoon; Kim, Yongkang; Oh, Bermseok; Park, Taesung, BioMed Central, 2019-07-11)

Correction to: Comprehensive proteome and phosphoproteome profiling shows negligible influence of RNAlater on protein abundance and phosphorylation

(Bae, Jingi; Kim, Su-Jin; Lee, Seung-Eun; Kwon, Wooil; Kim, Hongbeom; Han, Youngmin; Jang, Jin-Young; Kim, Min-Sik; Lee, Sang-Won, BioMed Central, 2019-07-11)

Effects of tapering tumor necrosis factor inhibitor on the achievement of inactive disease in patients with axial spondyloarthritis: a nationwide cohort study

(Park, Jun Won; Song, Yeong Wook; Lee, Eun Young; Kim, Hyoun-Ah; Shin, Kichul; Park, Yong-Beom; Kim, Tae-Hwan, BioMed Central, 2019-07-04)

Fimasartan versus perindopril with and without diuretics in the treatment of elderly patients with essential hypertension (Fimasartan in the Senior Subjects (FITNESS)): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

(Kang, Min-gu; Kim, Kwang-il; Rhee, Moo-Yong; Lee, Hae-Young; Park, Sungha; Jeon, Eun-Seok; Song, Jong-Min; Sung, Ki-Chul; Kim, Sang-Hyun; Kim, Seok-Yeon; Kim, Shin-Jae; Shin, Jinho; Lee, Sung Yun; Chun, Kook-Jin; Jeong, Jin-Ok; Kim, Cheol-Ho; Ihm, Sang Hyun; Sohn, Il Suk; Pyun, Wook Bum; Kim, Moo Hyun; Kim, Eung Ju; Chae, Shung Chull; Yoo, Ki Dong; Choi, Young Jin; Park, Yong Hwan, BioMed Central, 2019-07-01)

High triglyceride/HDL cholesterol ratio is associated with silent brain infarcts in a healthy population

(Nam, Ki-Woong; Kwon, Hyung-Min; Jeong, Han-Yeong; Park, Jin-Ho; Kwon, Hyuktae; Jeong, Su-Min, BioMed Central, 2019-07-02)

BALLI: Bartlett-adjusted likelihood-based linear model approach for identifying differentially expressed genes with RNA-seq data

(Park, Kyungtaek; An, Jaehoon; Gim, Jungsoo; Seo, Minseok; Lee, Woojoo; Park, Taesung; Won, Sungho, BioMed Central, 2019-07-02)

A prospective, randomized comparison of the LMA-protector™ and i-gel™ in paralyzed, anesthetized patients

(Chang, Jee-Eun; Kim, Hyerim; Lee, Jung-Man; Min, Seong-Won; Won, Dongwook; Jun, Kwanghoon; Hwang, Jin-Young, BioMed Central, 2019-07-04)

소득 주도 성장 논란과 향후 방향

(김소영, 서울대학교 경제연구소, 2019-06)

금융발전과 경제적 불평등의 동학분석

(김선빈; 홍재화, 서울대학교 경제연구소, 2019-06)

Welcome to Laboratory Animal Research

(Seong, Je Kyung, BioMed Central, 2019-06-24)

Enriched expression of NF1 in inhibitory neurons in both mouse and human brain

(Ryu, Hyun-Hee; Kang, Minkyung; Park, Jinsil; Park, Sung-Hye; Lee, Yong-Seok, BioMed Central, 2019-06-24)

Changes in pre- and postoperative serum leptin concentrations in dogs with gallbladder mucocele and cholelithiasis

(Lee, Sungin; Lee, Aeri; Kweon, Oh-kyeong; Kim, Wan Hee, BioMed Central, 2019-06-25)

Diagnostic and prognostic values of serum activin-a levels in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

(Choi, Sun Mi; Park, Young Sik; Kim, Young Whan; Han, Sung Koo; Kim, Jee-min; Lee, Jung-Kyu; Lee, Jinwoo; Lee, Chang-Hoon; Yim, Jae-Joon; Yoo, Chul-Gyu; Lee, Sang-Min, BioMed Central, 2019-06-25)

Moth-eye Structured Polydimethylsiloxane Films for High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells

(Kang, Seong Min; Kim, Min-cheol; Jang, Segeun; Choi, Jiwoo; Choi, Mansoo, Springer Link, 2019-06-25)

Translation and validation of the Korean version of PROMIS® pediatric and parent proxy measures for emotional distress

(Park, Chang Gi; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Chanhee; Ko, Heesung, Springer Open, 2019-06-20)

Genetic influences on the onset of obstructive sleep apnoea and daytime sleepiness: a twin study

(Szily, Marcell; Tarnoki, Adam D; Tarnoki, David L; Kovacs, Daniel T; Forgo, Bianka; Lee, Jooyeon; Kim, Eunae; Sung, Joohon; Kunos, Laszlo; Meszaros, Martina; Muller, Veronika; Bikov, Andras, BioMed Central, 2019-06-17)

Comparison of 0.05% cyclosporine and 3% diquafosol solution for dry eye patients: a randomized, blinded, multicenter clinical trial

(Kim, Jae Yong; Park, Chang Hyun; Lee, Hyung Keun; Kim, Mee Kum; Kim, Eun Chul; Kim, Hong Kyun; Song, Jong Suk; Yoon, Kyung Chul; Lee, Do Hyung; Choi, Chul Young; Kim, Hyun Seung; Kim, Tae-im; Chung, Tae-Young, BioMed Central, 2019-06-17)

Stretchable and reflective displays: materials, technologies and strategies

(Kim, Do Yoon; Kim, Mi-Ji; Sung, Gimin; Sun, Jeong-Yun, Springer Open, 2019-06-20)

Intrathecal delivery of recombinant AAV1 encoding hepatocyte growth factor improves motor functions and protects neuromuscular system in the nerve crush and SOD1-G93A transgenic mouse models

(Kim, Subin; Lee, Nayeon; Lee, Junghun; Kim, Sunyoung; Lee, Sang Hwan; Yu, Seung Shin; Kim, Jin Hong, BioMed Central, 2019-06-12)

Temperature as a risk factor of emergency department visits for acute kidney injury: a case-crossover study in Seoul, South Korea

(Kim, Satbyul E; Lee, Hyewon; Kim, Jayeun; Kang, Minjin; Hijioka, Yasuaki; Kim, Ho; Lee, Young Kyu, BioMed Central, 2019-06-14)

Predictors of paravalvular aortic regurgitation after surgery for Behcet’s disease-related severe aortic regurgitation

(Choi, Hong-Mi; Kim, Hyung-Kwan; Park, Sung-Ji; Lee, Hyun-Jung; Park, Jun-Bean; Kim, Yong-Jin; Cho, Goo-Young; Hwang, In-Chang; Sohn, Dae-Won; Oh, Jae K; Yoon, Yeonyee E., BioMed Central, 2019-06-10)

Comparison of treatment plans between IMRT with MR-linac and VMAT for lung SABR

(Wu, Hong-Gyun; Kim, Jung-in; Choi, Chang Heon; Park, Jong Min; Kim, Hak Jae, BioMed Central, 2019-06-13)

Isolation and characterization of high exopolysaccharide-producing Weissella confusa VP30 from young children’s feces

(Jin, Hui; Jeong, Yunju; Yoo, Sang-Ho; Johnston, Tony V; Ku, Seockmo; Ji, Geun Eog, BioMed Central, 2019-06-13)

Control of paratuberculosis: who, why and how. A review of 48 countries

(Yoo, Han Sang; Ocepek, Matjaz; Garrido, Joseba; Stevenson, Karen; Collins, Mike; Alonso, Bernardo; Cirone, Karina; Paolicchi, Fernando; Gavey, Lawrence; Rahman, Md T; de Marchin, Emmanuelle; Van Praet, Willem; Bauman, Cathy; Fecteau, Gilles; McKenna, Shawn; Salgado, Miguel; Fernández-Silva, Jorge; Dziedzinska, Radka; Echeverría, Gustavo; Seppänen, Jaana; Thibault, Virginie; Fridriksdottir, Vala; Derakhshandeh, Abdolah; Haghkhah, Masoud; Ruocco, Luigi; Kawaji, Satoko; Momotani, Eiichi; Heuer, Cord; Norton, Solis; Goodridge, Amador; Cadmus, Simeon; Agdestein, Angelika; Kampen, Annette; Szteyn, Joanna; Frössling, Jenny; Schwan, Ebba; Caldow, George; Strain, Sam; Carter, Mike; Wells, Scott; Munyeme, Musso; Wolf, Robert; Gurung, Ratna; Verdugo, Cristobal; Fourichon, Christine; Yamamoto, Takehisa; Thapaliya, Sharada; Di Labio, Elena; Ekgatat, Monaya; Gil, Andres; Alesandre, Alvaro N; Piaggio, José; Suanes, Alejandra; de Waard, Jacobus H; Nielsen, Søren S; Eisenberg, Suzanne; Arrigoni, Norma; Juste, Ramon; Sáez, Jose L; Dhand, Navneet; Santi, Annalisa; Michel, Anita; Barkema, Herman; Kralik, Petr; Whittington, Richard; Donat, Karsten; Weber, Maarten F; Kelton, David; Kostoulas, Polychronis; Citer, Lorna; Griffin, Frank; Barwell, Rob; Moreira, Maria A S; Slana, Iva; Koehler, Heike; Singh, Shoor V; Chávez-Gris, Gilberto, BioMed Central, 2019-06-13)