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Automatic consultation system for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices undergoing magnetic resonance imaging

(Han, Donghoon; Oh, Il-Young; Chae, In-ho; Lee, Ho-Young; Cho, Youngjin; Lee, Ji Hyun, BMC, 2020-01-22)

Core transcriptional regulatory circuits in prion diseases

(Kim, Taek-Kyun; Lee, Inyoul; Cho, Ji-Hoon; Canine, Brenda; Keller, Andrew; Price, Nathan D; Hwang, Daehee; Carlson, George; Hood, Leroy, BMC, 2020-01-20)

Effects of cyclic adenosine monophosphate modulators on maturation and quality of vitrified-warmed germinal vesicle stage mouse oocytes

(Lee, Hyang Heun; Lee, Jung Ryeol; Suh, Chang Suk; Kim, Seok Hyun; Lee, Dayong; Kim, S. S, BMC, 2020-01-20)

Determinants of the persistence of malaria in Rwanda

(Rudasingwa, Guillaume; Cho, Sung-Il, BMC, 2020-01-21)

Relationship between sleep and obesity among U.S. and South Korean college students

(Sa, Jaesin; Choe, Siyoung; Cho, Beom-young; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Kim, Gyurin; Park, Chae-Hee; Chung, Joon; Choi, Yoojin; Nelson, Beatrice; Kim, Yongkyu, BMC, 2020-01-22)

High expression of NR1D1 is associated with good prognosis in triple-negative breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy

(Na, Hyelin; Han, Jinil; Ka, Na-Lee; Lee, Min-Ho; Choi, Yoon-La; Lee, Mi-Ock; Shin, Young Kee, BMC, 2019-11-28)

Safety and efficacy of PG102P for the control of pruritus in patients undergoing hemodialysis (SNUG trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

(Oh, Sohee; Cho, Jang-Hee; Kim, Yong Chul; Park, Jae Yoon; Chang, Jae Hyun; Choi, Dae Eun; Park, Jung Tak; Lee, Jung Pyo; Kim, Dong Ki; Lim, Chun Soo; Ryu, Dong-Ryeol; Kim, Sejoong, BMC, 2019-11-28)

StressGenePred: a twin prediction model architecture for classifying the stress types of samples and discovering stress-related genes in arabidopsis

(Kang, Dongwon; Ahn, Hongryul; Lee, Sangseon; Lee, Chai-Jin; Hur, Jihye; Jung, Woosuk; Kim, Sun, BMC, 2019-12-20)

Systematic analysis of expression signatures of neuronal subpopulations in the VTA

(Kim, Hyun Jin; Ryeo, Shin Eun; Kim, Minhyung; Kang, Byeongsoo; Yun, Soyeon; Hwang, Daehee; Kim, Joung-Hun, BMC, 2019-12-11)

Comparative pathologic analysis of mediastinal B-cell lymphomas: selective expression of p63 but no GATA3 optimally differentiates primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma from classic Hodgkin lymphoma

(Kim, Hee Kyung; Min, Soo Kee; Cha, Hee Jeong; Choi, Suk Jin; Na, Hee Young; Kim, Ji Eun; Kim, Hyun-Jung; Park, Gyeongsin; Lee, Hyekyung; Choe, Ji-Young, BMC, 2019-12-12)

Mortality risk and causes of death in patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis

(Yun, Seo Yeong; Kim, Jee Min; Park, Chang Min; Choi, Sun Mi; Park, Young Sik; Kim, Young Whan; Han, Sung Koo; Sin, Sooim; Cho, Jaeyoung; Lee, Jinwoo; Lee, Sang-Min; Yoo, Chul-Gyu; Lee, Chang-Hoon, BMC, 2019-12-03)

Antitumor effect of TW-37, a BH3 mimetic in human oral cancer

(Ahn, Chi-Hyun; Shin, Ji-Ae; Hong, Kyoung-Ok; Choi, Sujung; Swarup, Neeti; Kim, Jihoon; Ahn, Min-Hye; Jung, Minjung; Cho, Sung-Dae; Jin, Bohwan; Lee, Won Woo; Jung, Yun Chan, BMC, 2019-12-04)

The mechanism and cause of anterior cruciate ligament tear in the Korean military environment

(Lee, Yong Seuk; Lee, Ki Woung; Lee, Jung Woo; Lee, Beom Koo; Ahn, Joosuk; Choi, Byungseop, BMC, 2019-11-28)

Biotic and spatial factors potentially explain the susceptibility of forests to direct hurricane damage

(Kim, Daehyun; Millington, Andrew C; Lafon, Charles W, BMC, 2019-11-27)

Long-Term Effects of Sildenafil in a Rat Model of Chronic Mitral Regurgitation Benefits of Ventricular Remodeling and Exercise Capacity

(Kim, Kyung-Hee; Kim, Yong-Jin; Ohn, Jung-Hun; Yang, Jimin; Lee, Sang-Eun; Lee, Sae-Won; Kim, Hyung-Kwan; Seo, Jeong-Wook; Sohn, Dae-Won, LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, 2012-06)

The fate of Treponema denticola within human gingival epithelial cells

(Shin, J.; Choi, Y., WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, 2012-12)

The anatomical characteristics of three different endocardial lines in the left atrium: evaluation by computed tomography prior to mitral isthmus block attempt

(Cho, Youngjin; Lee, Whal; Park, Eun-Ah; Oh, Il-Young; Choi, Eue-Keun; Seo, Jeong-Wook; Oh, Seil, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 2012-12)

Mammographic density and risk of breast cancer in Korean women. [Epub ahead of print]

(Kim, Bo-Kyoung; Choi, Yoon-Ho; Nguyen, Tuong L.; Nam, Seok Jin; Lee, Jeong Eon; Hopper, John L.; Sung, Joohon; Song, Yun-Mi, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2014-03)

벚나무류 낙화가 인공 연못생태계의 물질순환에 미치는 영향

(이보은; 전영준; 장유림; 김재근, 한국습지학회, 2015-05)

Cross-talk between the TM4SF5/FAK and the IL6/STAT3 pathways renders immune escape of human liver cancer cells

(Ryu, Jihye; Kang, Minkyung; Lee, Mi-Sook; Kim, Hye-Jin; Nam, Seo Hee; Song, Haeng Eun; Lee, Doohyung; Lee, Jung Weon, American Society for Microbiology, 2014-08)

Indirect decompression for a prior severe C1-2 dislocation causing progressive quadriparesis

(Kim, Kyeong Hwan; Lee, Dong Bong; Kim, Ho-Joong; Riew, K. Daniel; Kim, Boo Seop; Chang, Bong-Soon; Lee, Choon-Ki; Yeom, Jin S., American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 2014-06)

Influence of educational attainment on pain intensity and disability in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: mediation effect of pain catastrophizing.

(Yeom, Jin S.; Kim, Ho-Joong; Kim, Sung-Chan; Kang, Kyoung-Tak; Chang, Bong-Soon; Lee, Choon Ki, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2014-05)

Association between exposure to traffic-related air pollution and pediatric allergic diseases based on modeled air pollution concentrations and traffic measures in Seoul, Korea: a comparative analysis

(Kim, Kyoo Sang; Min, Kyung-Duk; Yi, Seon-Ju; Kim, Hwan-Cheol; Leem, Jong-Han; Kwon, Ho-Jang; Hong, Soyoung; Kim, Sun-Young, BMC, 2020-01-14)

Reduced chronic restraint stress in mice overexpressing hyperactive proteasomes in the forebrain

(Kim, Ji Hyeon; Lee, Jung Hoon; Lee, Min Jae; Kim, Ahbin; Yun, Yejin; Park, Seoyoung; Lee, Yong-Seok, BMC, 2020-01-13)

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a bridge to lung transplantation: analysis of Korean organ transplantation registry (KOTRY) data

(Lee, Jin Gu; Kim, Song Yee; Kim, Young Tae; Ko, Ryoung-Eun; Park, Seung-Il; Jo, Kyung-Wook; Jeon, Kyeongman; Choi, Sun Mi; Kim, Do Hyung; Cho, Woo Hyun; Kim, Hong Kwan; Paik, Hyo Chae, BMC, 2020-01-13)

Direct electrophoretic microRNA preparation from clinical samples using nanofilter membrane

(Lee, Kidan; Kang, Jae-Hyun; Kim, Hyun-Mi; Ahn, Junhyoung; Lim, Hyungjun; Lee, JaeJong; Jeon, Wan-Jin; Lee, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Ki-Bum, Springer Open, 2020-01-13)

Evaluation of factors related to Anaesthesia-induced Lens opacity in experimental mice

(Kim, Hong Kyung; Shin, Hae Sol; Han, Soo Jung; Seong, Je Kyung; Seo, Kyoung Yul; Lee, Hun; Yoon, Sangchul, BMC, 2020-01-07)

Case report: what gives the myopic tilted disc an oval appearance?

(Lee, Kyoung Min; Kim, Seok Hwan; Kim, Martha, BMC, 2020-01-09)

Emergency medical dispatch services across Pan-Asian countries: a web-based survey

(Sang Do, Shin; Lee, Shawn C L; Mao, Desmond R; Ng, Yih Y; Leong, Benjamin S; Supasaovapak, Jirapong; Gaerlan, Faith J; Son, Do N; Chia, Boon Y; Lin, Chih-Hao; Rao, G. V R; Hara, Takahiro; Ong, Marcus E H, BMC, 2020-01-07)

‘Neo-Crosssexual’ fashion in contemporary men’s suits

(Kim, Jongsun; Ha, Jisoo; Lee, Hoe Ryung, Springer Open, 2020-01-06)

Posterior condylar offset changes and its effect on clinical outcomes after posterior-substituting, fixed-bearing total knee arthroplasty: anterior versus posterior referencing

(Kang, Seung-Baik; Hwang, Keummin; Park, Jisu; Hwang, Il-Ung; Lee, Seung A; Oh, Sohee; Chang, Moon Jong; Chang, Chong Bum; Han, Do Hwan; Park, Hyung Jun, BMC, 2019-12-31)

한국어 수화의 도상성을 활용한 교육적 시사점 모색

(신홍임, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

대학생의 교수-학생상호작용에 대한인식 유형탐색

(이재열, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

대학생들이학습 중 겪는 딴생각에 대한 수용 전략 대 사고억제 전략의 효과 차이

(조아라; 김계현; 황매향, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

대학교육에서 학생몰입 요인이 교육성과에 미치는 영향의 종단분석

(김량; 조윤성; 송해덕, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

잠재전이분석을 활용한 대학생 진로성숙도의 발달 유형과 영향 요인 분석

(김미림; 유예림; 황은희; 김선용, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

Elastic net을 활용한 교사효능감 관련 변수 탐색

(이지아; 유진은, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

청소년 부모긍정양육, 또래애착, 진로정체감과 대학만족도의 관계 분석

(이현경; 김정민, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

청소년의 휴대전화의존도의 변화에 따른 잠재집단 추정 및 영향요인 검증

(장유진; 홍예지, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

학교폭력 사안처리 유형화 및 영향요인: 고등학교를 중심으로

(김은석; 장미수, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)

교육사각지대 학습자 지원 방안에 대한 초·중·고등학교 교사의 인식 연구

(김동일; 임희진; 김주선; 김희은; 문성은; 이연재; 장혜명; 조은정; 안제춘, 서울대학교 교육연구소, 2019-03)