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인사조직분야 횡단연구의 타당성 평가 및 향후 제언: 인사․조직연구 게재 논문을 중심으로

(김상윤; 박원우; 정구혁; 유지현; 최동원, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-08)

종단연구에 대한 방법론적 고찰

(박원우; 장진욱; 이수진, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-08)

측정동등성의 의미와 검증방법

(최용준; 박원우; 양윤희; 이현정; 김문정, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-08)

적정 표본크기(sample size) 결정을 위한 제언

(박해신; 손승연; 박원우; 박혜상, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-08)

연구의 인과성 제고: 통제변수의 의의, 활용 현상 분석 및 제언

(박원우; 고동운; 윤은성, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-08)

조직의 창의성과 혁신

(김성수, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-01)

Technician or Leader? A Review of the Evolving Role of the CI0

(Lee, Saerom; Park, Jinsoo; Choi, Minjung, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-01)

리더십유형이 조직몰입과 조직시민행동에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

(김삼영; 한인수, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-01)

임파워링 리더십:문헌연구 및 제언

(이수진, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-01)

셀프 리더십 및 공유된 리더십 - 선행연구 분석 , 시사점 및 향후 연구방향 도출 -

(손승연; 김오현; 노명화, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-01)

상사의 모욕적 행동에 관한 실증연구 고찰

(이수진; 손승연, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2010-01)

전략적 인적자원관리 연구의 최근 흐름에 관한 소고

(김성수, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2008-12)

Attitudinal and Behavioral Responses to Innovation: The Role of Person-Innovation Fit

(Yang, Yoon Hee; Choi, Jin Nam, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2008-12)

Boundaryless Careers and Knowledge Creation

(Kang, Sung-Choon, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2008-12)

조직 환경과 조직원의 학습지향성이 창의성에 미치는영향

(최진남; 성선영, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2008-12)

A Word from the Editor

(Park, Cheol Hee, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2017-10-31)

창의적 리더 측정 척도 개발 연구

(장재윤, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2008-12)

경제사회의 지각변동과 창의기반사회

(최종태, 서울대학교 노사관계연구소, 2008-12)

Comparison of outcomes between vertical and transverse skin incisions in percutaneous tracheostomy for critically ill patients: a retrospective cohort study

(Lim, Sung Yoon; Kwack, Won Gun; Lee, Yeon Joo; Park, Jong Sun; Yoon, Ho Il; Lee, Jae Ho; Kim, Youlim; Lee, Choon-Taek; Cho, Young-Jae, BioMed Central, 2018-09-30)

Comparative single-dose pharmacokinetics of sildenafil after oral and rectal administration in healthy beagle dogs

(Yang, Hyuck-Joo; Oh, Ye-In; Jeong, Jong-Woo; Song, Kun-Ho; Koo, Tae-Sung; Seo, Kyoung-Won, BioMed Central, 2018-09-24)

Association among handgrip strength, body mass index and decline in cognitive function among the elderly women

(Jeong, Su-min; Choi, Seulggie; Kim, Kyuwoong; Kim, Sujin; Kim, Sung Min; Park, Sang Min, BioMed Central, 2018-09-24)

Men’s awareness of cervical cancer: a qualitative study

(Kim, Youngji; Kim, Hae Won; Kim, Duck Hee, BioMed Central, 2018-09-24)

Effect of dose rate on pulmonary toxicity in patients with hematolymphoid malignancies undergoing total body irradiation

(Kim, Dong-Yun; Yoon, Sung-Soo; Kang, Hyun-Cheol; Kim, Il Han; Kang, Hyoung Jin; Shin, Hee Young, BioMed Central, 2018-09-18)

금융공학 VIII : Bayesian Methods for Finance and Economics

(최병선, 서울대학교 금융경제연구원, 2018-11-30)

The Afro-Asian Writers’ Association and a Reimagining of Japan: Intersection of Imperialism and Nationalism

(Kwak, Hyoungduck, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

Symbolic Transformation of the Yasukuni Shrine: From an Entertainment Site to a Commemorative Space

(Park, Sam-hun, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

An Expo of Their Own: How Ethnic Koreans in Japan Appropriated the Japan World Exposition in Osaka

(Jeong, HoSeok, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

Japan’s Energy Policy under Abe: Liberalization of the Energy Market and Nuclear U-turn

(Lim, Eunjung, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

The Abe Administration’s Growth Strategy: Policy Idea, Institutional Change, and State- Driven Policy Governance

(Yoon, Dae-yeob, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

The Abe Administration’s Attempt to Escape from Deflation through Abenomics

(Lee, Chang-Min, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

Neoconservative Political Reform under the Leadership of the Prime Minister’s Office

(Lee, Jukyung, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University, 2018-10-31)

Has the Predictability of the Yield Spread Changed?

(Kim, Dong Heon; Park, Euihwan, Institute of Economic Research, Seoul National University, 2018)

International Transmission of the US Interest Rate Policy Shocks: Multi-country Model Analysis Using FAVAR

(Yim, Geunhyung, Institute of Economic Research, Seoul National University, 2018)

Tobin’s q of a Multi-Product Firm and an Endogenous Growth of a Firm

(Kim, Shin-Haing; Kim, Taegi, Institute of Economic Research, Seoul National University, 2018)

The Effect of the Consumption Tax on Economic Growth and Welfare with Money and Endogenous Fertility

(Matsuzaki, Daisuke; Kaneko, Akihiko, Institute of Economic Research, Seoul National University, 2018)

Characterization of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) fermented by Rhizopus oligosporus and its bioactive properties

(Nguyen, Thi T Hanh; Hur, Jaewon; Park, Namhyeon; Kim, Jeesoo; Kim, Doman, Springer Open, 2018-09-10)

Development of a PMMA phantom as a practical alternative for quality control of gamma knife® dosimetry

(Chung, Jae Pil; Seong, Young Min; Kim, Tae Yeon; Kim, Tae Hoon; Choi, Hyun Joon; Min, Chul Hee; Chun, Kook Jin; Choi, Yona; Benmakhlouf, Hamza; Chung, Hyun-Tai, BioMed Central, 2018-09-14)

Three cases of multicentric carpotarsal osteolysis syndrome: a case series

(Park, Peong Gang; Kim, Kee Hyuck; Hyun, Hye Sun; Lee, Chan Hee; Kie, Jeong Hae; Choi, Young Hun; Moon, Kyung Chul; Cheong, Hae Il; Park, Jin-Su, BioMed Central, 2018-09-12)

FAF1 mediates necrosis through JNK1-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction leading to retinal degeneration in the ganglion cell layer upon ischemic insult

(Yu, Changsun; Kim, Bok-seok; Park, Minyoung; Do, Yun-Ju; Kong, Young-Yun; Kim, Eunhee, BioMed Central, 2018-09-10)

Predictors for false-negative QuantiFERON-TB Gold assay results in patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis

(Kim, Youn Jeong; Kang, Ji Young; Kim, Sang Il; Chang, Mee Soo; Kim, Yang Rae; Park, Yeon Joon, BioMed Central, 2018-09-10)

Solid part size is an important predictor of nodal metastasis in lung cancer with a subsolid tumor

(Cho, Jun Yeun; Leem, Cho Sun; Kim, Youlim; Kim, Eun Sun; Lee, Sang Hoon; Lee, Yeon Joo; Park, Jong Sun; Cho, Young-Jae; Lee, Jae Ho; Lee, Choon-Taek; Yoon, Ho Il, BioMed Central, 2018-09-10)

Assessment of acute, 14-day, and 13-week repeated oral dose toxicity of Tiglium seed extract in rats

(Kim, Hyeon Hoe; Yun, Jun-Won; Kwon, Euna; Kim, Yun-Soon; Kim, Seung-Hyun; You, Ji-Ran; Kim, Hyoung-Chin; Park, Jin-Sung; Che, Jeong-Hwan; Lee, Sang-Koo; Jang, Ja-June; Kang, Byeong-Cheol, BioMed Central, 2018-09-12)

Per-oral cross-facial sural nerve graft for facial reanimation

(Park, Joo Yong; Choi, Sung Weon; Jeong, Joohee; Almansoori, Akram A; Park, Hyun-Soo; Byun, Soo-Hwan; Min, Seung-Ki; Choung, Han-Wool; Kim, Bongju; Kim, Soung-Min; Lee, Jong-Ho, Springer Open, 2018-09-07)

A patient-specific three-dimensional couplant pad for ultrasound image-guided radiation therapy: a feasibility study

(Chang, Ah Ram; Kim, Heejung; Cho, Sungwoo; Ye, Sung-Joon, BioMed Central, 2018-09-03)

Elevated contextual fear memory by SIRT6 depletion in excitatory neurons of mouse forebrain

(Kim, Hyopil; Kim, Hyun-Seok; Kaang, Bong-Kiun, BioMed Central, 2018-09-06)

Moderating effects of depressive symptoms on the relationship between problematic use of the Internet and sleep problems in Korean adolescents

(Cho, Soo Churl; Park, Min-Hyeon; Park, Subin; Jung, Kyu-In; Kim, Johanna I; Kim, Bung-Nyun, BioMed Central, 2018-09-04)