Optical Communication Method using CCR

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Moon, Gong Bo; Park, Chan Gook; Lee, Jang Gyu
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ICCAS, 2008.
wireless sensor networkoptical communicationpulse width modulation
These days, wireless sensor network, which has a base station and sensor nodes, is widely used. Sensor nodes are
located at certain positions to gather the environmental information around them. Then they need to transmit measured
data to base station or other sensor nodes. Currently, most of them are using RF (radio frequency) method for
communication. This method has a security problem and needs extra modulator and demodulator to handle RF signals.
In this paper, to avoid these problems, communication method via optical channel is proposed. This method only needs
light source and CCR (corner cube retro-reflector). First, it is checked whether proposed method can be implemented or
not. Next, applicable procedure, which includes error detection, for optical communication is developed. Finally,
experimental result is shown to verify that the proposed method works with real system.
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