지구화와 법이론
Globalization and Legal Theory

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.48 No3 pp.135-161
법의 지배공식법주류의 법이론법의 통일화main-stream Legal theoryunification of Lawrule of Lawglobalisation and Legal theory
This article approaches the issue of globalization within a realm of legal
theory and legal philosophy, and beyond investigation of its effect on the
constituents of law. Discussion on the background and significance of
globalization will be followed by exploration on how globalization influences the
‘rule of law’, the role of a nation, and how it challenges the main-stream legal
theory. From thereon, a new legal theory in the globalization era will be
speculated. Instead of a theoretical explanation on the relationship of global trend
and law, here the emphasis would be put on interpreting diverse stream and
contradiction of the phenomena. In addition, globalization will not be simplified
into concepts such as interdependence, unification, universalism, or convergence.
In a traditional point of view, the influence of the economic globalization on
law appears to be alleviation of legalism or legal formalism, and a trend toward
legal unification. Alleviation of formalism and impairment of legal stability due
to global increase in mobility increases the legal uncertainty. However, this does
not directly cause retrogression of rule of law.
It is rather probable that legal regulation will be more requested with
increased threat from growing national and international mobility and market
uncertainty. Furthermore the global distrust against supranational convergence of
power and hierarchical authority may also call for a legal support for
individual’s human right.
The mainstream legal theory is being challenged by the wave of globalization
these days. Globalization raises question on the so called ‘black box theory’,
which focuses on the analysis of the legal system that is regarded as...
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