Two- versus three-dimensional colon evaluation with recently developed virtual dissection software for CT colonography

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Kim, Se Hyung; Lee, Jeong Min; Eun, Hyo Won; Lee, Min Woo; Han, Joon Koo; Lee, Jae Young; Choi, Byung Ihn
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Radiological Society of North America
Radiology 2007;244:852-864
AdultAgedColonic Polyps/*radiography*Colonography, Computed TomographicColonoscopyFemaleHumansImaging, Three-DimensionalMaleMiddle AgedRadiographic Image EnhancementRadiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted/*methodsRetrospective Studies*SoftwareStatistics, Nonparametric
This retrospective study was institutional review board approved; the requirement for informed patient consent was waived. The purpose of this study was to retrospectively compare a two-dimensional (2D) data interpretation technique with a three-dimensional (3D) colon dissection technique in terms of interpretation time and sensitivity for colonic polyp detection, with colonoscopy as the reference standard. Ninety-six patients (56 men, 40 women; mean age, 54.8 years) underwent colonoscopy and multidetector computed tomographic (CT) colonography on the same day. Two radiologists independently analyzed the data on a per-polyp and per-patient basis. The sensitivity of both approaches was compared by using the McNemar test. The time required to interpret CT colonographic data with each technique was also assessed. Compared with the conventional 2D colonic polyp detection method, primary 3D interpretation with use of virtual dissection software for CT colonography revealed comparable per-polyp (77% and 69% for two readers) and per-patient (77% and 73% for two readers) sensitivities and comparable per-patient specificity (99% and 89% for two readers) for the detection of polyps 6 mm in diameter or larger and involved a shorter interpretation time.
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