시민단체 활성화 전략수립에 관한 연구 : 시민단체의 영향력 인식, 사회연계망 활동, 뉴스매체 이용을 중심으로
A Survey on Strategies for Fostering Participation in Non Governmental Organizations : Employing Perceptions of Influence, News Media Use, and Social Networking

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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.46, no2. pp.127~157(2009)
non governmental organizationsgroup influencessocial networkingnews media useNGO participation
The current study examined how perceptions of Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs)' informative, innovative, and issue influences, social networking, and news media uses could predict civil participation in activities of NGOs. A telephone survey was conducted with 527 households in Seoul. The results indicated that the more NGOs' informative influence was perceived, the more respondents expressed their intentions of participating in information seeking about NGOs' activities, in NGOs' events and meetings, in financial contribution, and in membership registration. Also as the respondents perceived more influences in issues of consumer, welfare, environment, and politics, they were more likely to express that they would participate in a variety of NGOs' activities.
In terms of social networking variable, the survey found out that only networking with community members was a significant predictor of people's intention of participating in NGOs activities, especially in financial contribution. The more people networked with community members, the more likely they showed intention to donate to NGOs.
News consumption from the internet was the most significant predictor of NGO participation. The more people used internet as news source, the more they expressed intentions of participating in information seeking about NGOs, in events and meetings, in financial contribution, and membership registration. It seems to suggest that providing information about current activities of NGOs via internet websites can be an effective way to promoting civil participation in various activities of NGO.
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