Diversity and enzyme activity of Penicillium species associated with macroalgae in Jeju island

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Park, Myung Soo; Lee, Seobihn; Oh, Seung-Yoon; Cho, Ga Youn; Lim, Young Woon
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The Microbiological Society of Korea
Journal of Microbiology, Vol.54, No.10, pp 646–654
Diversity and enzyme activity of Penicillium species associated with macroalgae in Jeju island자연과학BenAendoglucanaseβ-glucosidaseprotease
A total of 28 strains of 19 Penicillium species were isolated in a survey of extracellular enzyme-producing fungi from macroalgae along the coast of Jeju Island of Korea. Penicillium species were identified based on morphological and β-tubulin sequence analyses. In addition, the halo-tolerance and enzyme activity of all strains were evaluated. The diversity of Penicillium strains isolated from brown algae was higher than the diversity of strains isolated from green and red algae. The commonly isolated species were Penicillium antarcticum, P. bialowiezense, P. brevicompactum, P. crustosum, P. oxalicum, P. rubens, P. sumatrense, and P. terrigenum. While many strains showed endoglucanase, β-glucosidase, and protease activity, no alginase activity was detected. There was a positive correlation between halo-tolerance and endoglucanase activity within Penicillium species. Among 19 Penicillium species, three species–P. kongii, P. olsonii, and P. viticola–have not been previously recorded in Korea.
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