종합병원 입원 환자의 간호대학생 실습허용에 대한 견해 및 인식
Opinions and Perceptions on Allowing Nursing Students’ Practice among Inpatients at a University Hospital

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김영진; 김지선; 김혜림; 박수비; 소샛별; 정보성; 조은애; 이선영; 김정은
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서울대학교 간호과학연구소
Perspectives in Nursing Science, Vol.14 No.1, pp. 10-20
Nursing studentsClinical clerkshipInpatients간호대학생실습입원환자
Purpose: The aim of this study was to explore the patients’ perspectives on nursing students’ clinical practices in the wards, and to investigate their willingness for allowing students to practice on them. Methods: This was a descriptive study. 116 inpatients were recruited from the S University Hospital. A 60-item questionnaire was applied to collect the data. The participants were 19 years and older with sound judgement, and were not in special or intensive care units. Data analysis was done in SPSS/WIN 22.0 using descriptive statistics, Fishers exact test, and the ANOVA test. the participant answered to questionnaire from April 29th 2016 to May 10th. Results: 40 participants (34.5%) stated they would allow students’ practice, while 72 (61.2%) said they would allow only under staff supervision. 5 participants (4.3%) stated they would not allow whatsoever. The 3 most allowed were emotional support, oral care, and vital signs measurement while the 3 least allowed were gastric feeding, intravenous catheterization, and urinary catheterization. Conclusion: Patients were more inclined to allow students to practice on them when a member of the medical team was present. A fair number of participants said they would be more inclined to allow students’ practice if they felt the student was competent; hence, reinforcing simulation sessions is vital in enhancing students’ competency and ultimately practice allowance.
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