cag pathogenicity island of Helicobacter pylori in Korean children

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Ko, Jae Sung; Seo, Jeong Kee
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Helicobacter. 2002 Aug;7(4):232-6.
Adolescent*Antigens, BacterialBacterial Proteins/*genetics/metabolismChildChild, PreschoolDNA, Bacterial/analysisFemaleGastritis/microbiology/*pathology/*physiopathologyHelicobacter Infections/*microbiology/pathology/physiopathologyHelicobacter pylori/genetics/*pathogenicityHumansKoreaMalePolymerase Chain ReactionSeverity of Illness IndexVirulence
BACKGROUND: cag pathogenicity island is reported to be a major virulence factor of Helicobacter pylori. The aim of this study was to investigate the status of cag pathogenicity island genes and gastric histology in Korean children with H. pylori gastritis. METHODS: Helicobacter pylori DNA was extracted from antral biopsy specimens from 25 children with H. pylori gastritis. Specific polymerase chain reaction assays were used for four genes of cag pathogenicity island. The features of gastritis were scored in accordance with the updated Sydney System. RESULTS: cagA was present in 23 (92%) of 25 children, and cagE in 24 (96%). Twenty-two (88%) children were cagT positive and 19 (76%) virD4 positive. All of the selected genes of the cag pathogenicity island were present in 17 (68%) children and completely deleted in one child. There were no differences in neutrophil activity and chronic inflammation between children infected with intact cag pathogenicity island strains and those with partially or totally deleted-cag pathogenicity island strains. CONCLUSION: cag pathogenicity island is not a uniform, conserved entity in Korea. Completeness of cag pathogenicity island may not be the major factor to determine the severity of H. pylori gastritis in children.
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