Treatment of facial acne papules and pustules in Korean patients using an intense pulsed light device equipped with a 530- to 750-nm filter

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Chang, Sung-Eun; Ahn, Soo-Jin; Rhee, Do-Young; Choi, Jee-Ho; Moon, Kee-Chan; Suh, Ho-Seok
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Blackwell Publishing
Dermatol Surg. 2007 Jun;33(6):676-9.
Acne Vulgaris/*ethnology/pathology/*radiotherapyAdult*Asian Continental Ancestry GroupFemaleFiltration/instrumentationHumansKoreaLaser Therapy, Low-Level/*instrumentationSeverity of Illness IndexTreatment Outcome
BACKGROUND: A rising number of laser- or light-based therapies are addressing the need for effective acne treatments with minimal downtime. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate an intense pulsed light (IPL) equipped with a 530- to 750-nm filter for inflammatory acne treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Thirty female patients (mean age, 25.7 years) with mild-to-moderate acne were enrolled. While using benzoyl peroxide (BP) gel, one side of the face was treated with the PR filter (acne filter) of the IPL. RESULTS: All patients experienced the reduction of inflammatory lesion counts in both sides of face. There was no significant difference between IPL-treated and untreated sides of the face for mean papule plus pustule counts, 3 weeks after three sessions. As to red macules, 63% were good or excellent on the laser-treated side compared to 33% on the untreated side. Improvement of irregular pigmentation and skin tone was detected on the laser-treated side than the untreated side. CONCLUSION: This new wavelength band of IPL system was safe and effective in improving acne red macules, irregular pigmentation, and skin tone but did not affect inflammatory acne lesion counts on the skin of Asian persons.
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