Roles of CFD Simulations in Developing Rocket Propulsion System

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Kim, Chongam
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Int'l Association of Structural Engineering & Mechanics (IASEM), KAIST, and Korea Association of Computational Mechanics (KACM)
ACEM16 & Structures16, pp. 1-16
Roles of CFD Simulations in Developing Rocket Propulsion System공학
This paper focuses on the role of CFD in developing rocket propulsion system by simulating major devices such as turbopump inducer, cryogenic storage tank and solid rocket propellant. These are closely related to operation reliability and fuel efficiency of rocket propulsions system. The numerical computations on these devices have several issues owing to complex flow physics such as interaction between fluid, structure, and combustion domain or extreme flow conditions. This paper introduces these issues and corresponding numerical methods for more realistic simulation. Finally, several numerical results are presented to show the contributable aspects of CFD in rocket development stage.
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