Elastic properties of the ascending aorta in young children after successful coarctoplasty in infancy

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Kim, Gi Beom; Kang, Soo Jung; Bae, Eun Jung; Yun, Yong Soo; Noh, Chung Il; Lee, Jeong Ryul; Kim, Yong Jin; Lee, Jae Young
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Aortic coarctationHypertensionElasticity
Background: Based on the hypothesis that vascular dysfunction in the ascending aorta can cause morbidity, we undertook this study on the elastic properties of ascending aorta and left ventricular (LV) function in young children who received coarctoplasty in early infancy.
Methods: Blood pressures (BP) in the right arm and ascending aortic internal diameters determined by M-mode ultrasound at rest and after exercise were measured in 25 patients (mean age, 6.4F3 years) and 22 control subjects (mean age, 5.8F2.4 years). Ascending aortic stiffness index and distensibility were calculated using BP measurements and ascending aortic internal diameters. In addition, LV parameters (systolic and diastolic function, mass index) were evaluated. Results: Compared with control subjects, patients had increased stiffness index (at rest:
4.87F1.94 versus 3.57F1.19, P=0.021; after exercise: 4.33F1.91 versus 3.2F1.26, P=0.034) and decreased distensibility (at rest: 6.90F3.15 versus 8.72F2.77, P=0.02; after exercise: 5.69F2.39 versus 7.88F3.44 cm2 dyn 1 10 6, P=0.023). BP and LV parameters showed no consistent differences between the two groups. In patients, distensibility was significantly correlated with systolic BP (at rest: P=0.008; after
exercise: P=0.014) and pulse pressure (at rest: P=0.013; after exercise: P=0.001). Conclusions: This study suggests that vasculopathy of ascending aorta is possible in some young children despite early correction. However, long-term tracking study is needed to clarify the significance of the study.
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