어휘의 뜻풀이 정교화를 통한 외국어로서의 한국어 쓰기 교육 방안 연구
Teaching writing in Korean as an L2 through elaborating word definition

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조형일; 진대연
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서울대학교 외국어교육연구소
외국어교육연구, vol.21, pp. 117-138
teaching Korean as an L2writingvocabularyelaboratingword definition
The purpose of this study was to suggest a method for improving writing skills of foreign students through elaborating word definition. We took a position that brand-new teaching methods of writing are needed for specific learning groups, especially for students who study in Korean universities because they are supposed to develop and prove writing skills in order to perform their studies successfully. First, in chapter Ⅱ, We examined the current state of teaching writing in Korean as an L2 in context of teaching tradition and made sure that practical methods of teaching writing for academic purposes are still insufficient. Next, in chapter Ⅲ, we analyzed previous research results focused on word definition and found elaborating its definition useful for improving writing skills for tertiary level students. Finally, in chapter Ⅳ, we presented a practical teaching method for writing through elaborating word definition by showing the results which 15 foreign students (from China and Japan) produced while participating in the writing class. In this paper, we introduced a new method for teaching writing in Korean as an L2 relating word learning, but expect much more teaching methods to be developed and presented.
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College of Education (사범대학)Foreign Language Education Research Institute (외국어교육연구소)외국어교육연구 (Foreign Language Education Research)외국어교육연구 (Foreign Language Education Research) vol.20-21 (2017)
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