지상파 방송사 인사 제도 및 구성원 가치 유사성 연구
Similarities in the Structure of Human Resource System and Cultural Values among three Korean Terrestrial Broadcasters

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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.45, no. 2. pp.103~130(2008)
Structural IsomorphismCultural SimilarityBroadcasters
This study tried to examine how three terrestrial broadcasters were institutionalized by inter-organizational imitations. More specifically, this paper focused on similarities in the structure of human resource system and cultural values among three Korean terrestrial broadcasters. In other words, this study raised questions about why and how three broadcasters including KBS, MBC and SBS were different from each other in terms of their human resource system and members' cultural values. Using both literature review and survey data, this research has examined differences or similarities of human resource system among three terrestrial broadcasters since 2000. The results showed that three terrestrial broadcasters were different each other in terms of human resource system. Each broadcaster had own distinct characteristics for developing human resource system. Although MBC has experienced high degree of fluctuations in human resource system, SBS was relatively stable. In addition, there were a lot of arguments about the adoption of the team-based organization in KBS. Also the results of discriminant analysis showed that members or program production staffs in three broadcasters had a slightly different values. More specifically, members' values in public broadcasters including KBS and MBC were significantly different from members in private broadcaster such as SBS.
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