Teaching Culture in Foreign Language Classes

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Stockwell, Esther
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서울대학교 외국어교육연구소
외국어교육연구, vol.22, pp. 11-23
Teaching cultureIntercultural Communication CompetenceCulture learning portfolios
Even though many researchers emphasise the interrelatedness of language and culture and the significance of teaching culture in foreign language education, understanding how culture can be taught has proven to be a difficult undertaking in many respects. This problem is hardly new, and the problems of defining what culture is and how to teach it in language classes have been of concern to researchers for decades. Developments in technology have opened up access to cultural resources from all over the world, and to this end, methods of teaching culture using technology have started to appear more regularly in research associated with second language teaching and learning. A glance through the literature reveals, however, that where in the past many teachers focused on teaching a single culture within a language class, in recent years there has been a movement to try to broaden the focus to include general intercultural communication competence, but a systematic approach for methods of teaching culture have been still lacking. However, it is generally accepted that cross-cultural understanding is indeed a by-product of foreign language learning, and language should be taught as an explicit element of cultural practice. Therefore, it is necessary to consider issues about teaching culture in foreign language education such as what role culture plays in language teaching and how it is being taught. Based on current developments in technology, it is timely to think about effective teaching methodologies for integrating culture and language that prepare learners to communicate and collaborate effectively in the 21st century
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College of Education (사범대학)Foreign Language Education Research Institute (외국어교육연구소)외국어교육연구 (Foreign Language Education Research)외국어교육연구 (Foreign Language Education Research) vol.22-23 (2018)
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