Cultural Analysis on the Writings of Dangun Myth and Gija Joseon: Also on an Aspect of Historical Application

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dc.identifier.citation동아문화 Vol.55, pp. 201-240ko_KR
dc.description.abstractRegarding as two important beliefs of nation founding for the Koreans, although there are key differences between the content of Dangun Myth and the history of Gija Joseon, both ideas were long standing and well established, and to a certain extent showed the cultural consciousness of ancient Korea and the chronic cultural interaction between China and Korea.
However, in view of different objects of worship in the texts of Dangun Myth and Gija Joseon, two ideas were apparently incompatible. They accordingly showed their importance or became belief of some Korean intellectuals in different periods of Korean history respectively. In an academic perspective, it is more worthy to pay attention to the historical, cultural consciousness and historical application of the two ideas.
Keywords:Dangun Myth, Gija Joseon, Sino-Korean Relations, History of Korea, Cultural Consciousness of Korea, Historical Application
dc.publisher서울대학교 인문대학 동아문화연구소ko_KR
dc.subjectDangun Mythko_KR
dc.subjectGija Joseonko_KR
dc.subjectSino-Korean Relationsko_KR
dc.subjectHistory of Koreako_KR
dc.subjectCultural Consciousness of Koreako_KR
dc.subjectHistorical Applicationko_KR
dc.title.alternativeCultural Analysis on the Writings of Dangun Myth and Gija Joseon: Also on an Aspect of Historical Applicationko_KR
dc.typeSNU Journalko_KR
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorFan, Wing Chung-
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Center for East Asian Studies (동아문화연구소)Journal of S.N.U. Institute for Asian Studies (동아문화)동아문화 Volume 55 (2017)
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