Family Life, Conflicts, and Adaptations of Immigrant Women in International Marriages in Rural Areas

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Han, Geon-Soo
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Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University
Korean Anthropology Review, Vol.3, pp. 211-251
This article was originally published in 2006 in 『한국문화인류학』 [Korean cultural anthropology] 39(1): 195-246; Translated into English by Yeonji Ghim.
* This article was written based on fieldwork data from the survey of the “Language and cultural adaptation of immigrant women in international marriages” (principal investigator: Wang Hanseok) funded by the National Institute of the Korean Language. I would like to thank Professor Wang Hanseok and Dr. Yang Myeonghui of the National Institute of the Korean Language. (Editor’s note) This article was originally published under the category of research report. It primarily presents field research findings with less attention to theoretical articulations.
The steep rise in international marriages since the mid- 1990s indicates a fundamentally different phenomenon from the international marriages that took place in South Korean society in the past. Most of the international marriages after the Korean War took place between American soldiers and Korean women or between affluent Japanese men or Western men and Korean women. Since the beginning of the 1980s, Korean men have been marrying women from countries with less prosperous economies. The frequency of this kind of marriage increased rapidly after the mid-1990s. There is especially a noticeable growth in the percentage of marriages between women from Asian countries with less developed economies and Korean men from rural areas or low-income Korean men from urban areas. Korean women are also increasingly marrying foreign male laborers in South Korea.
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