Validation of hazard-compatible stochastic ground motion model modification techniques

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Tsioulou, Alexandra; Taflanidis, Alexandros A.; Galasso, Carmine
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13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering(ICASP13), Seoul, South Korea, May 26-30, 2019
An important consideration for the adoption of stochastic ground motion models in performance-based earthquake engineering applications is that the probability distribution of target intensity measures from the developed suites of time-histories is compatible with the prescribed hazard at the site and structure of interest. The authors have recently developed a computationally efficient framework to modify existing stochastic ground motion models to facilitate such a compatibility. For a given seismicity scenario, the framework identifies the modified stochastic ground motion model that can sufficiently match the prescribed hazard while maintaining similarity to regional physical ground motion model characteristics. This paper extends this effort through a validation study. Suites of recorded and stochastic ground motions, whose spectral acceleration statistics match the mean and variance of target spectra within a period range of interest, are utilized as input to perform response history analysis of inelastic single-degree-of-freedom case-study systems. The resultant engineering demand parameters distributions are then compared to assess the effect of the proposed modification.
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