방송 저널리즘 프로그램 진행자의 의견 개입에 관한 연구: , <생방송 시사투나잇>, <추적 60분>의 비교분석
Role of Newscasters in South Korean TV Journalism: Gatekeeper or Advocate

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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.44, no. 1. pp.37~64(2007)
공영방송방송진행자객관 저널리즘주창 저널리즘객관성공정성newscasterobjective journalismadvocacy journalismvalue insertionimpartiality
This study examines how TV newscasters communicate in the
various types of news programs, in an attempt to see if there is any
difference among them in terms of the degree or extent in which
advocacy journalism is practiced. Witnessing that there is a tendency
for TV newscasters to insert their value or moral judgement in
conveying news information to audience, the author analyzed the
patterns of value insertion adopted by newscasters. It was found that
while newscasters of conventional evening news program tend to
follow the rule of objective journalism, newscasters of late night
current affairs program as well as investigative journalism program
often insert their political opinion or value when they interpret news,
predict the future development of events, present public opinion polls
on controversial issues and propose policy recommendations. This
analysis of newscaster's way of conducting news programs
demonstrates the coexistence of objective journalism and advocacy
journalism in the programs made by the public broadcaster, KBS. This
also suggests that the news program adopting advocacy journalism is
open to the criticism for failing to secure impartiality, if it does not
represent both sides involved in controversial matters.
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