무의매리(舞依梅里)의 위치 비정에 관한 연구: 해월과 구암의 만남 그리고 동행
A Study on Muuimeri

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종교학연구, Vol. 36 pp. 1-24
동학상제교무의매리미매해월구암Eastern LearingSangjegyoMuuimeriMimaeHaewolKuam
This article traces the location of Muuimeri(舞依梅里), where Haewol(海 月) Choi Si Hyeong(崔時亨, 1827-1898), the second leader of Donghak(Eastern Learning), first met Kuam(龜菴) Kim Yeon Guk(金演局, 1857-1944), who would later establish Sangjegyo(上帝敎). Thus far, there has not been any credible historical evidence of Muuimeri, where Kuam’s religious life began. The current study made use of Geographical documents and records including travel notes from the early stage of Eastern Learning.
While identifying the specific location of Muuimeri as the small town called Mimae, located in Bupyeong-ri, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, this paper also traces the itinerary of Haewol and Kuam towards Yeongchun(Hongcheon, Hoengseong, Wonju, Jecheon).
Kuam met Haewol at the age of 16 in March 1872. He followed Haewol’s guidance and moved to Yeongchun, Chungcheong province. Kuam became Haewol’s assistant that took care of the household and religious work whilst Haewol was on the run from government persecution. Kuam eventually became one of the most devoted followers and also joined the household as Haewol’s son-in-law. Kuam lived with his mentor for 26 years as he accompanied the escape until Haewol got caught in 1898. After Haewol’s execution, Kuam became the leader of the Sicheongyo(侍天敎) order and eventually the leader of Sangjegyo in Sindoan under Gyeryong Mountain. The historical importance of Muuimeri lies in the fact that it was the location of Kuam’s fafeful encounter with Haewol, from which Kuam’s life as a significant religious leader began.
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