Initial experiences with laparoscopy-assisted and total laparoscopy for anatomical liver resection: a preliminary study

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Min, Seog Ki; Han, Ho-Seong; Kim, Sun-Whe; Park, Yong-Hyun; Lee, Hyeon-ook; Lee, Joo-Ho
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Korean Academy of Medical Science
J Korean Med Sci. 2006 Feb;21(1):69-74.
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Although laparoscopic surgery has become more popular, its technical difficulties have limited the applications of this technique to liver surgery. We report here on our experience with liver resection with using the laparoscopy-assisted (Lap-Assist) and total laparoscopic (Total-Lap) methods. From April 2001 to June 2003, a total of 20 laparoscopic anatomical resections of the liver were retrospectively reviewed. These were comprised of 10 cases in which the Lap-Assist method was used (these were performed during the early study period), and 10 cases in which the Total-Lap was used (these were done in the later study period). In the Lap-Assist group, the following resections were performed: 7 cases of left lateral sectionectomy, a case of left hemihepatectomy, a case of right hemihepatectomy and a case of open conversion. In the Total-Lap group, 6 cases of left hemihepatectomy and 4 cases of left lateral sectionectomy were performed. The sizes of the incisions were 8.7 cm and 4.6 cm, respectively, (p=0.000). There were no differences in the operation times, the transfusion amounts, the starting days of the patients' diets, the complication rates or the durations of the hospital stay between the two groups. Both the laparoscopy-assisted method and the total laparoscopic method are feasible to use for performing anatomical liver resection.
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