Relationship between Parental Overindulgence and Buying Behavior in the Context of Invasive Marketing: A Comparative Study of Two Cultures

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Mahima, Singh Thakur; Puja, Khatri
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College of Business Administration (경영대학)
Seoul Journal of Business Vol14(1): 31~53(2008)
overindulgent parenting styleAIDAparental buying behaviourintercultural context
This scientific investigation adopts a cross cultural perspective in
studying the relationship between parental overindulgence and
perception of parents regarding the influence of children in bringing in
awareness, creating interest, desire and influencing final purchase
decision of packaged food products. Child rearing practices differ from
culture to culture and can be an important factor influencing the buying
behaviour of families.Parenting styles in two cultures (American &
Indian) were studied to gauge the level of influence of children to the
four levels of AIDA(Strong 1925). The sample size was 117(40 American
parents and 77 Indian parents). The results indicate that there exists no
significant difference in the two cultures regarding the contribution of
children in bringing in initial information, creating interest and desire
about packaged food products in the family but the two cultures differed
significantly in terms of the contribution kids have in influencing the
actual buying decisions regarding packaged food products. The
influence of American children was lower in final purchase than Indian
children. Indian parents showed higher level of indulgence (M=3.33,S.D. =1.7) than American parents (M=2.02, S.D. =1.86).The level of
indulgence was found to regress on actual buying behavior of parents.
The study points at the shift of Indian parents towards over indulgence
as a result of invasive marketing practices targeted at the children. The
study has implications for marketers, social agencies, and parents and
attempts to highlight the growing in marketing influence in the socio
cultural fabric.
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