A new technique to determine the size of double-lumen endobronchial tubes by the two perpendicularly measured bronchial diameters

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Jeon, Y.; Ryu, H. G.; Bahk, J. H.; Jung, C. W.; Goo, J. M.
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Australian Society of Anaesthesists
Anaesth Intensive Care. 2005 Feb;33(1):59-63.
The cross-section of the mainstem bronchi is not completely round. For preoperative selection of a double-lumen endobronchial tube size, it may be necessary to measure the mediolateral and the anteroposterior bronchial diameters, which can be measured respectively on chest radiograph and computed tomography. With Internal Review Board approval and patients' informed consent, 105 elective thoracic surgical patients who needed left-sided double-lumen tubes were enrolled. Double-lumen tube size was selected depending on the arithmetic mean of the mediolateral and anteroposterior bronchial diameters. Moreover, the outer diameters of the bronchial tube should be smaller than both mediolateral and anteroposterior diameters. The recommended bronchial diameter for each double-lumen tube size was chosen so that the mean of the two bronchial diameters was 0 to 2.0 mm larger than the upper limit of 95% confidence interval of the averaged outer diameter of the bronchial tube of the selected double-lumen tube. In no case was the predicted double-lumen tube size inappropriate. Generally, anteroposterior bronchial diameters appeared to be different from mediolateral diameters (P=0.001). The double-lumen tube size to be selected based on only one bronchial diameter was different from the one selected based on two perpendicularly measured bronchial diameters in 54.3% of patients (57/105). Preoperative selection of the double-lumen tube size based on the anteroposterior, mediolateral and mean bronchial diameters seems to be useful in that this may obviate the need to change an inappropriately sized double-lumen tube and may be helpful in reducing the related complications.
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