Preparation of Conducting Nylon 6 Electrospun Fiber Webs by the in situ Polymerization of Polyaniline

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Hong, Kyung Hwa; Oh, Kyung Wha; Kang, Tae Jin
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J Appl Polym Sci 2005, 96, 983
conducting polymersfibersnylon
For the preparation of conducting polyaniline (PANI)/nylon composites with high electrical conductivity as well as superior mechanical properties such as flexibility and lightness, PANI/nylon-6 composite nanofiber webs were prepared via the electrospinning process with a nylon-6/formic acid polymer solution, and then PANI on the surface of the nylon-6 electrospun nanofiber webs was chemically polymerized. The electrical conductivity measurements showed that the conductivity of the PANI/nylon-6 composite electrospun fiber webs was superior to that of PANI/nylon-6 plain-weave fabrics because of the high surface-area/volume ratios. On the other hand, the volume conductivities of the PANI/nylon-6 composite electrospun
fiber webs increased from 0.5 to 1.5 S/cm as the diffusion time increased from 10 min to 4 h because of the even distribution of PANI in the electrospun fiber webs. However, the surface conductivities of the PANI/nylon-6 composite electrospun fiber webs somewhat decreased from 0.22 to 0.14 S/cm as the diffusion time increased because of PANI contaminated with aniline monomers, aniline oligomers, and some alkyl chains, which served as electrical resistants. These results were confirmed with Fourier transform infrared, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis,and morphology analysis. It was concluded that the diffusion time for the in situ polymerization of PANI in electrospun fiber webs was optimized at approximately 3 h.
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