In Situ Compatibilizer-Reinforced Interface between a Flexible

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Seo, Yongsok; Ninh, Tran Hai; Hong, Soon Man; Kim, Sehyun; Kang, Tae Jin; Kim, Hansung; Kim, Jinyeol
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American Chemical Society
Langmuir 2006, 22, 3062-3067
We present an investigation of the interfacial reinforcement between a flexible folded-chain polymer (functionalized polypropylene−maleic anhydride-grafted polypropylene, MAPP) and a rodlike polymer (a themotropic liquid crystalline polymer, TCLP − poly(ester amide)). Fracture toughness was measured using an asymmetric double-cantilever beam test (ADCB). High fracture toughness at the bonding temperature of 200 °C indicates that a chemical reaction has occurred at the interface to provide a strong interaction between MAPP and TLCP. Despite the higher modulus of TLCP, the fracture was propagated in the TLCP phase because of inherent TLCP domain structure. An analysis on the locus of failure revealed that at constant bonding temperature the fracture toughness between MAPP and TLCP was influenced not only by the bonding temperature but also by the bonding time. The fracture toughness increased with the bonding temperature until 200 °C was reached and then decreased at higher bonding temperature. The fracture toughness increased with annealing time until it reached a plateau value. We ascribe the dependence of the fracture toughness on the bonding time to the progressive occurrence of two different failure mechanisms, adhesive failure and cohesive failure. The adhesive strength increased with bonding temperature whereas the cohesive strength decreased because of weaker adhesion between TLCP crystalline domains. The dependence of fracture toughness on bonding time was explained in terms of the TLCP crystalline domain structure.
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