방송통신융합과 IPTV 도입에 대한 "상황이론" (Contingency Theory)적 접근의 유용성
An Analysis of IPTV Policy Process in Korea Based on Contingency Theory

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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.42, no2. pp.67~97(2005)
IPTV상황이론정책갈등사회적 합의contingency theorypolicy conflictssocial consensus
이 연구는 지금까지 IPTV에 대해 논의되어 왔던 이해집단들 간의 입장의 차이와 그에 따른 정책대안을 비교 분석한 뒤, 사회적 합의를 도출할 수 있는 바람직한 대안을 모색하는데 목적을 두고 있다. 이를 위해 Brainard(2004)가 제시한 ‘상황이론’ (contingency theory)을 준거틀로 적용하였으며, 정책의 점증주의와 구성원간의 사회적 합의를 중요시하는 상황이론적 접근은 그동안 제시되어 왔던 갈등적이고 대립적인 논의 구도를 지양하고 사회적 합의의 가능성을 마련해줄 수 있는 이론적 토대가 될 수 있다는 가정에 근거하고 있다.

This study is to explore the possibility of compromise in the endless
controversy over introduction of IPTV(Internet Protocol TV) which have
continued for a few years without any results. In Korea, the conflicts
on IPTV show very complex, serious and different structure compared
to the past. It has double sided conflict structure -one is done between
broadcasters and telecommunicators; the other between regulators. Therefore,
it is highly difficult to anticipate that the situation is controlled by
the policy players themselves, that is broadcasters, te1ecommunicators, and
regulators. In this situation, some argue that an arbitration of government
is strongly required. Contingency theory, originated from a leadership
theory, contends that there is no one best way of leading and that a
leadership style effective in some situations may not be successful in
others. In some respects, it is similar to situational theory in that there
is an assumption of no simple one right way. Still, contingency theory,
especially its compromising characteristics, suggests a clue to solve the
present complex disputes over IPTV in Korea.
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