컴퓨터 이용이 청소년의 사회적 관계와 학교적응에 미치는 영향
The impact of computer use on adolescents` social relationship and school adjustment: An analysis of Korean Youth Panel Survey data

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장윤재; 김소희
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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.45, no1. pp.67~96(2008)
청소년컴퓨터인터넷사회적 관계대인관계학교적응adolescentscomputer useinternetsocial relationshipinterpersonal relationshipschool adjustment
This study aims to identify the impact of adolescents' computer use
on their social relationship and school adjustment. Studies on
adolescents' media use have been steadily under way, expanding its
focus from television to new media like computer or mobile phone.
Adolescents' computer use is also acting as one of major study
themes in educational studies. However, there is little interdisciplinary
study on adolescents' computer use in Korea. This study therefore
purposes to combine a communicative question over the impact of
media use on social relationship with an educational question over
which factors affect school adjustment: If adolescents’ computer use
affect their social relationship and the social relationship influence
their school adjustment, it indicates that computer use has direct or
indirect impact on school adjustment. The first- to fourth- year data
from the Korea Youth Panel Survey was used. The data was collected
by National Youth Policy Institute from 3,449 students nationwide who
were in the second grade at middle school in 2003. To answer the
research questions, cross-sectional time series analysis was
conducted. The result shows that computer use variously influences
adolescents’ relationship with their friends, teachers, and parents according to the amount of use, goal of use, and type of use, and it
also affects school adjustment. In addition, social relationship acts as
not only a major variable that predicts school adjustment, but also a
factor that eliminates or reduces the negative impacts of computer
use on school adjustment. The key results of the study are as
follows: First, the amount of computer use has negative impacts on
adolescents’ social relationship and school adjustment. Second,
relationship-oriented type of use predicted stronger emotional
attachment to friends, teachers, and parents. But, some activities that
constitute relationship-oriented use like e-mail, community, and web
posting weaken such an attachment. Third, playing computer game
turned out to positively affect the relationship with parents and
teachers. Fourth, adolescents’ social relationship reduces or eliminates
the negative impacts of computer use on school adjustment while it
does not diminishes the positive impacts. Finally, the ties between
computer use and school adjustment can be explained by whether
adolescents use computer to enhance their relationship with real
world or not.
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