The Polysemy Networks of over

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Yoon, SoYeon
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Seoul National University Department of English Language and Literature
SNU Working Papers in English Language and Linguistics 3, 63-78
image schematrajectorylandmarkpolysemypragmatic strengtheningreconceptualization
Polysemy of English spatial terms have been studied related with image schema in cognitive semantics. Among English prepositions, over has been studied by Brugman (1988), Lakoff (1987) and Krietzer (1997). Tyler & Evans (2001) presented the criteria for distinguishing between distinct senses within a network and interpretations produced on-line. From their point of view, meanings that can be derived from another meaning by means of reconceptualization and pragmatic strengthening are not given a distinct sense node in the polysemy network. In addition, they proposed the criteria for determining the primary sense of the preposition. Tyler and Evans, however, arbitrarily applied what they termed as reconceptualization and pragmatic strengthening to the distinctive senses. This yields redundant senses and missing senses. The present study suggests more definite but simpler criteria for meaning distinction. The distinct senses result from where the relationship of the trajectory (TR) and land mark (LM) becomes different from the other scenes. The maximum application where we can not use reanalyzed conceptualization and pragmatic strengthening can add the missing senses and simplify the redundant meaning. With the suggested solution, we can get 7 distinct senses from over : a) protoscene ('above' but within a regional potential contact with the LM), b) ABC trajectory, c) examining, d) reflexive, e) covering, f) covering - multiplex, g) covering - multiplex and path.
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