관성항법시스템과 GPS를 이용한 지하매설배관의 위치 측량
A Location Measurement of Underground Pipeline Using an Inertial Navigation System and GPS

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서재원; 이한성; 이장규; 박찬국; 노용우
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The 12th GNSS Workshop
PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge)INS (Inertial Navigation System)estimationlocation
In this paper, a new method to obtain location information of underground gas-pipeline is addressed. PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) is the instrument for the new method. It is a machine to inspect the pipeline and to measure the location of that. It is equipped with navigation sensors such as an inertial navigation system, an odometer, and location references. It is inserted into the pipeline and moves in the pipeline with the help of the gas pressure. When running, it collects the navigation data as well as the data which denotes the shape of the cross section of the pipe. After the running of PIG, we apply the navigation algorithm and the offline estimation method to the collected navigation data and can obtain the estimates of the position of PIG and pipeline. The obtained position information is continuous and automatically calculated. It is also accurate and the method is cost-effective compared with other methods.
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