Unscented 변환에 기반한 INS/GPS 강결합 알고리즘
INS/GPS Tightly Coupled Algorithm based on Unscented Transform

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김광진; 박찬국; 박영범
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The 12th GNSS Workshop
Unscented TransformGPSINStightly coupled algorithm
In this paper, the tightly coupled INS/GPS integration system based on unscented transform is presented for improving
the performance of nonlinear kalman filter. The unscented transform is a method for predicting means and covariances in nonlinear
systems and utilizes a set of samples which are deterministically chosen. These samples are scaled to guarantee the mean and
covariance second order accuracy by an arbitrary constant. We introduce the scaled unscented transformation which modifies the
sigma points themselves rather than the nonlinear transformation. And then, the scaled method is used to transform the pseudo
range measurement of the tightly coupled approach. To analyze the performance of the UKF based tightly INS/GPS integration
system, real van test and simulation have been carried out. The results show that the UKF and EKF based approaches offer an
identical performance except for the presence of the unmodeled noise.
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