梅月堂의 시세계
Kim Si-siip's Poetic World

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서울대학교 인문대학
Journal of humanities, vol.3 pp.4-36
Iclm Sl-sCp is the autho~ of filn~o Sznhwa, a collection of fictioilal worlcs, which is
known to be the first of ~ t ski nd in the 111story of I<orean l~terature,M ost of scholarly
researches have so fa1 been concentiaied 011 this wollc, and the cl~tics have paid speclfic
attention to his ~deasm an~fested1 11 these collected tales.
This papel was wr~tten on the assumption that ally iesea~ch on Kim Si-siip can't be
satisfactory ~f the lesea~chet lgnoles the s~gnificance oi the two thousand two hundred
poems collected In his complete work. Keeping in mind the fact that IGm Si-s2p fotmed
a unique world of his o~vn In the 11isto1 y of I<o~ean poetty, the pleseilt wilier attempts
to open a new field In the I<lm §I-stip studies.
A born poet, Kim SI-siip made 111s name lcnowll to the world at the juven~le stage of
h ~lsit era^^ career. When he realized that his polit~cala mbition had been ruthlessly frustrated
aftel the coz~p d'itat by ICiag Sejo, he tuined his back to the world io seek pleas-
Lire in wanderlag and poet~cc o~nposlt~onA. s he had noth~ngt o do but writing peoms,
goetly meant everything to him. To h ~ min a cettain sense the act of writing poems
was in itself poetry. Poeiiy ulas the only channel available to h ~ mth rough which he
could speak about himself and the world. In othel wolds, poetry was the only means
by which he could realize himself
The paper discusses Kim Si-stip's life and walk through an elaborate study of his
poems, with spec~fic refetences to 111s peculiai mode of th1nklng and feeling in the poetic
diction and to such recu~iing themes as nature, time, history, leisure, and nostalg~a.
The present writer also made a new approach to Ku?)zo Sznhwa by regarding these collected
tales as a wotlc ol alt thtough which I(in1 Si-siip attempted to realize his idea of
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