적외선 카메라를 이용한 헬맷 트랙커 알고리즘
Helmet Tracker Algorithm Using Infrared Camera

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이영준; 박찬국
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한국군사과학기술학회 = Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology
Proceedings of The Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology Conference 2006
Helmet trackerFeature detection & extraction algorithmFeature matching algorithm3D motion estimation algorithm
In this paper, the helmet tracker algorithm is proposed to estimate the helmet’s position and attitude. In
particular, it operates regardless of the shape and number of obtained features. This algorithm consists of the feature
detection & extraction algorithm, feature matching algorithm and 3D motion estimation algorithm. The feature detection
& extraction algorithm gets the center of the feature by using the motion data from 3D motion estimation algorithm.
Feature matching algorithm obtains the correspondence of the feature from the left and right image pairs. The 3D motion
estimation algorithm uses the extended Kalman filter and estimates the position and attitude of the helmet by using the
result of the feature detection & extraction algorithm and feature matching algorithm. The rotational experiment using
the accurate rate table is conducted to verify the performance of the helmet tracker algorithm. The experimental results
show that proposed helmet tracker algorithm operates even though the shape and the number of the features are varying.
Thus, the helmet tracker can extend the working volume and be carried out at the dynamic movement.
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