Calibration of a Redundant IMU

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Cho, Seong Yun; Park, Chan Gook
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AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference and Exhibit, 16-19 August 2004, Providence, Rhode Island
A calibration technique for a redundant IMU is proposed. The conventional orthogonal
IMU with three gyros and three accelerometers may cause the enormous navigation error
even if one sensor fault occurs. In order to overcome this problem, the redundant IMU is
constructed by configuring redundant sensors. The redundant IMU has a merit that it can
detect and isolate the faults. So far, the sensor configurations and FDI techniques have been
investigated. However, the research on the calibration of the redundant IMU has not been
carried out. In this paper, three coordinate frames in the redundant IMU are defined and
the IMU error is modeled based on the frames to establish a calibration procedure for the
redundant IMU. A technique for estimating the error coefficients of accelerometers and
gyros is proposed. And a test procedure of the 2-axis turntable for the cone configuration
IMU is presented. Finally, a redundant IMU with cone configuration is implemented and the
performance of the proposed technique is verified by some experiments.
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