Innocent Characters in the Novels of Dickens

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dc.contributor.authorRyu, MyungSook-
dc.identifier.citation영학논집 1(1976): 195-212en
dc.description.abstractDickens' novels from Dombey and Son are best seen as an artistic
"Continuum. After this turning point, the unity of action, design, and
feeling was more or less achieved. The uneasiness felt over the contemporary
society was carefully instilled into the atmosphere of each
novel. His exuberant proliferation of characters and scenes was adjusted
so as to concentrate on a single unifying theme, namely, the
innocence theme. The ideas were incarnated and dissolved into this
complex theme. The relations between the theme and the characters
were organized and conceived as a whole. In short, the increasng con-
sciousness and control of his artistry, the astonishing range and depth
of his creative originality converged into the interfusion of the inno-
cence theme and the innocent characters.
Dickens started with child heroes and heroines (Oliver Twist, Little
.Nell) or child-like characters (Mr. Pickwick), but, as he gained his
artistic maturity, he found them inadequate centers for the complex social and moral structures he was trying to compose. He achieved a
higher level of realism by removing the children from the center of
the stories. But to the end, Dickens remained open to the imagination
-of childhood.
dc.publisher서울대학교 인문대학 영어영문학과en
dc.subjectDombey and Sonen
dc.subjectheroes and heroinesen
dc.titleInnocent Characters in the Novels of Dickensen
dc.typeSNU Journalen
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College of Humanities (인문대학)English Language and Literature (영어영문학과)영학논집(English Studies)영학논집(English Studies) No.01 (1976)
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