Performance Improvement of Code-Carrier DGPS with a Scalar Adaptive Filter

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Shin, Yong Sul; Park, Chan Gook
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The 61st Annual Meeting of The Institute of Navigation, The MITRE Corporation & Draper Loabratory, 27-29 June 2005, Cambridge, MA
This paper presents the code-carrier DGPS method
providing a stable navigation solution under the condition
of frequent blockage of the GPS signals. Hatch filter
combines code measurements and carrier phase
measurements, so the accuracy of filter depends on both
measurements. If the tests are conducted under the urbancanyon
environment where the cycle slip is frequent, the
averaged code accuracy cannot reach the low noise level.
The proposed algorithm uses a scalar adaptive filter as a
pre-filter of Hatch filter and then calculated the more
accurate solution. Simulation shows that the presented
result is as good as commercial system with real data.
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