INS/GPS Tightly Coupled Approach Using an INS Error Predictor

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Kim, Kwangjin; Park, Chan Gook
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ION GNSS 18th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division, 13-16 September 2005, Long Beach, CA
In this paper, the tightly coupled INS/GPS integration
system using an INS error predictor is proposed for
improving the filter estimation performance when fewer
than four satellites are tracked. The suggested error
predictor stores the estimated position error in case of
tracking above four satellites and calculates the initial
error components for prediction of Schuler position error
when fewer than four satellites are tracked. Using the
estimated initial values, the position error is predicted and
then it is considered as the additional measurement of the
INS/GPS integration filter. To analyze the performance
improvement of the tightly INS/GPS integration system
using the predictor, simulation and real van test have been
carried out. The results show that the INS error predictor provides a reasonable solution for resolving the blockage
of the satellite signals.
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