An Optical Helmet-Tracking System Using EKF-based PF

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Kim, Youngil; Lee, Youngjun; Park, Chan Gook
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AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and Exhibit, 18-21 August 2008, Honolulu, Hawaii
This paper reports on an optical helmet-tracking system that estimates the attitude and
position of a pilot’s head for weapon cueing. The optical helmet-tracking system consists of
an infrared stereo camera, infrared LEDs on the helmet, a frame grabber, and a computer
for signal processing. In addition, the optical helmet-tracking algorithms have a 3D
recursive algorithm, an estimation-and-extraction algorithm, and a 3D motion-estimation
algorithm. These algorithms were implemented using image processing, computer vision,
and filtering to estimate accurately the head motions of a pilot. In particular, the 3D motionestimation
algorithm used an extended Kalman filter (EKF)-based particle filter (PF). It can
be used in systems that have non-Gaussian noise distribution with a high-level of accuracy at
a high computational speed. We tested the accuracy of the optical helmet-tracking algorithm
in estimating 3D head motions.
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