An Extended Robust H infinity Filter for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems with Constraints

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Seo, Jaewon; Yu, Myeong-Jong; Park, Chan Gook; Lee, Jang Gyu
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Proceedings of the 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, and the European Control Conference 2005, Seville, Spain, December 12-15, 2005
extended robust H-inf filternonlinear estimationnonlinear uncertain systemrobust estimation
In this paper, a robust filter is proposed to
effectively estimate the system states in the case where system
model uncertainties as well as disturbances are present. The
proposed robust filter is constructed based on the linear
approximation methods for a general nonlinear uncertain
system with an integral quadratic constraint. We also derive the
important characteristic of the proposed filter, a modified H􀁦
performance index. Analysis results show that the proposed
filter has robustness against disturbances such as process and
measurement noises, and against parameter uncertainties.
Simulation results show that the proposed filter effectively
improves the performance.
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