The Pipeline Location Estimation using a Nonlinear Smoother

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Lee, Hansung; Lee, Jang Gyu; Park, Chan Gook; Seo, Jaewon; Yu, Jaejong; Kim, Woo Hyun
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The 6th Asian Control Conference 2006, July 18-21, 2006 Bali, Indonesia
This paper presents a method of pipeline location estimation using a nonlinear smoother. To know the location information of underground gas pipeline we used to survey the land. The proposed method is more efficient than conventional method in the sight of time, cost and effort. It is possible to know the pipeline location in unapproachable places like the sea or highway. First, This paper introduces Pipeline Inspection Gauge which consists of inertial measurement unit, odometer and transmitter. From the nonlinear smoother, we can estimate the pipeline location with measurement data of position and velocity. This paper gives the smoothing algorithm and the way to tune the noise covariances Q and R. We also explain the role of landmark concerning trajectory error. Finally this paper shows that the method using the nonlinear smoother has slightly better results than conventional method.
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