Development of Indoor Navigation System for Humanoid Robot Using Multi-sensors Integration

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Lee, C. H.; Park, C. G.; Lee, H. S.; Lee, J. G.; Jeon, C. W.; Kim, M. K.; Kwon, W.; Yoo, Y. M.; Kim, J. I.; Moon, G. B.
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ION NTM 2007, 22-24 January 2007, San Diego, CA
This paper proposes the 3D navigation for humanoid
robot navigation by using integration of ultrasonic sensor,
IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and commands which
control the humanoid robot. The navigation using ultrasonic
sensor is improved by analyzing the relation of ultrasonic
TOA (Time of Arrival) and signal strength and solving
synchronization problem in moving condition. In this paper,
Extended Kalman filter model for the humanoid robot is
represented with only position measurement or position and
velocity measurements.
The performance of the proposed approach is verified
through various tests using toy train. Consequently, we
implemented a 3D indoor navigation system operating in
10Hz with 9cm accuracy in 3D position error.
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