Feedforward Unscented Kalman Filter for INS/GPS Tightly Coupled Integration System

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Kim, Kwangjin; Park, Chan Gook
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IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace 2007
Unscented TransformationUnscented Kalman FilterFeedforwardTightly Coupled
This paper deals with INS/GPS tightly coupled integration algorithm using the
feedforward unscented Kalman filter (UKF). In the tightly coupled approach, nonlinear
pseudorange measurement models are used to update the Kalman filter. An EKF is
usually applied for this task, however it may diverge due to poor functional linearization
of the nonlinear measurement in case of the feedforward filter type which corrects the
navigation errors without updating the INS. The UKF that approximates a distribution
about the mean using a set of calculated sigma points is applied to overcome the flaw of
the EKF. We introduce the generalized scaled unscented transformation (GSUT) which
modifies the sigma points themselves to reduce these existence boundaries. Then, we
apply the GSUT to calculate pseudorange measurements and estimate the navigation
errors with the UKF. Real van test and simulation are carried out to estimate the
performance of the UKF-based tightly coupled algorithm with the feedforward type.
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