Roll Angle Estimation for Smart Munitions

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Park, HeeYoung; Kim, KwangJin; Lee, Jang Gyu; Park, Chan Gook
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IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace 2007
smart munitioninertial measurement unitroll estimationextended Kalman filter
The roll angle is estimated only using the pitch and yaw rates for a gunlaunched
smart munition with fast rolling of 1~2 Hz. An extended Kalman filter is
designed based on the roll, pitch, and yaw dynamics and two MEMS gyroscopes
measuring pitch and yaw rates. It is simulated under a realistic condition with low-grade
gyroscopes. The simulation results show that the roll angle is estimated with an accuracy
of 1~3 deg. (1-sigma error). The filter also exhibits that it is robust to the scale factor and
bias errors of the MEMS gyroscopes. And the proposed algorithm is experimented using
a two-axis rate table and a low grade MEMS IMU. The results show that the algorithm
can be applied to an actual system.
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