A Study of INS/CDGPS Integration with a Scalar Adaptive Filter

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Lim, Junkyu; Kim, Kwangjin; Park, Chan Gook
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International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems 2007, Oct. 17-20, 2007, in COEX, Seoul, Korea
GPSINSDifferential GPSHatch filterScalar Adaptive Filter
This paper presents an INS/CDGPS integration system providing a stable navigation solution under the
condition of frequent blockage of the GPS signals. In the CDGPS, the Hatch filter is widely used by combining code
and carrier phase measurement. Thus the accuracy of the filter depends on both that of measurements. However, the
averaged code accuracy of the Hatch filter cannot reach the low noise level under the urban-canyon environment where
the cycle slip frequently occurs. In this paper, an algorithm using a scalar adaptive filter as a pre-filter of the Hatch filter
is proposed to calculate the more accurate solution for the INS/CDGPS integration system. Using the real test data of
INS/CDGPS, it is shown that the presented result is as good as the result provided in commercial software with real
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