Developmental expression of transferrin binding protein in oligodendrocyte lineage cells of the embryonic chick spinal cord

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Park, Sang Wook; Lim, Ha Seong; Roh, Eun Jung; Kim, Dong Woon; Jeon, Gye Sun; Cho, Sa Sun
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Neurochem Res. 2007 Jan;32(1):11-8. Epub 2006 Dec 6.
AnimalsBlotting, WesternCell LineageChick Embryo*Gene Expression Regulation, DevelopmentalImmunohistochemistryMicroscopy, FluorescenceOligodendroglia/cytology/immunology/*metabolismSpinal Cord/embryologyTransferrin-Binding Proteins/*biosynthesis
Oligodendrocytes develop from precursor cells in the neuroepithelium of the ventral ventricular zone. Oligodendrocytes in the different stages of development are characterized by expression of a number of different marker molecules such as myelin genes, growth factors, and specific antigens. We have previously identified that transferrin binding protein (TfBP), a member of heat shock protein 90 families, is a novel avian ER-associated membrane protein that is specifically localized in oligodendrocytes in adult chicken CNS. In this study we describe the developmental expression of TfBP in the embryonic chick spinal cord. A few, distinct, TfBP+ cells appeared at the lateral margin of the subventricular neuroepithelium of the spinal cord at E7. Thereafter, some TfBP+ cells, exhibited a migrative form of unipolar or bipolar shape occurred around E8 in the mantle layer, midway between the neuroepithelium and the marginal layer of the primitive spinal cord. Thereafter, the TfBP+ cells rapidly increased in number as well as their staining intensity, and overall distribution of TfBP+ cells at E15 was comparable to that of a mature spinal cord. Our observations suggest that TfBP is expressed in the subpopulation of oligodendrocyte lineage in the development and a putative role of TfBP in relation to transferrin and iron trafficking is considered.
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