불법 노사분규와 노․사․정의 역할 변신
The Characteristics of Illegal Labor Disputes in 2003 and Their Implications in the Behavioral Changes of Unions, Management, and Government

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이동명; 김강식
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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.14, pp. 99-129
In Korea. 320 labor disputes occurred during 2003. And the approximately

20% of labor disputes were illegal. In this study, we examined the

characteristics of labor disputes occurred in 2003. especially those of illegal

labor disputes. The results of our analysis are as follows;

First, the illegal disputes occurred in the firms that have large employees

and old aged unions.

Second, the illegal disputes were related to non-wage issues such as labor

hours, business reengineering, and union recognition.

Third, the rate of union's illegal behaviors like holding production utilities

were higher than that in case of legal disputes.

Fourth, unions, management. and government should change their traditional

roles in order to overcome the illegal labor disputes.
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