고관여 작업시스템과 종업원의 재량적 노력의 관계에 대한 연구
Effects of High Involvement Work System on Employees' Discretionary Effort

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이경묵; 유지현
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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
Journal of industrial relations, Vol.17, pp. 23-52
This study investigated the effects of high involvement work system

(HIWS) on employees' discretionary effort. We hypothesized that HIWS

directly enhances employees' discretionary effort and that HIWS indirectly

enhances employees' discretionary effort by decreasing the effects of

individual characteristic variables on employees' discretionary effort. In

exploring the moderating effect, we focused on the employee's perception on

management-labor relations a s a n individual characteristic variable. We

tested the hypotheses with 592 employee level data from 32 Korean

automobile parts manufacturers by using hierarchical linear modcl. Results

showed that HIWS do not directly affect emplyees' discretionary effort but

weaken the effect of employees' negative perception on management-labor

relations. Implications and limitations of this study and future research

directions were discussed.
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