정부간행물의 효율적인 장서개발을 위한 인용분석 -대전·충청지역 전문대학을 중심으로
Citation Analysis of Government Publications for Effective Collections Development

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국립대학도서관보 19(2001): 31-54
The government publications which are issued to make publicity for the policy of the nation and to ensure people's rights to be informed by the government have been greatly increased in quantity because of the extension of roles and functions of the government. For researchers involved in the scientific study the government publications are the primary materials with reliability and authority in specialty as well as the most comprehensive information sources which can be seeked all information in the fields of politics, economy, society and culture.
The purpose of this study are as follows; First, it is to examine the use conditions of the government publications through citation analysis on references contained in the collection of 14 professional university libraries in the area of Taejon and Chung - nam provinces. Second, it is to find the type of materials, issuing cycle, and current use of the government publications that have been frequently cited in papers of researchers in the field of social science. Furthermore, this study intends to suggest important standards in establishing the effective collection of the government publications of the professional university libraries to meet the various user's needs. The findings of this study are as follows;
1. There are 14,243 literatures cited in 649 papers in the field of social sciences and, of them, 2,210 government publications are cited, resulting in 15/3% of the total reference literatures.
2. As a results of analyzing types of materials with 2,210 government publications cited in papers in the field of social sciences, it shows such orders as general publications(23.3%), reports(20.5%), and periodicals(l7.4%) that is chiefly used by researchers.
3. When it comes to analyzing government publications cited by issuing institution, it finds that it is mainly used government publications issued from the ministry of administration(36.5%), government-related agencies(31.3%), government invested agencies(11.2%), local government(11.1%).
4. It examines the use conditions by issuing cycle of government publications to find current literature cited. The results show that it cited most of 2- 3 year old materials and less a year old materials since they were issued, with very little difference between them.
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