미얀마(버마)의 종족집단과 종족분쟁
Ethnic Groups and Ethnic Conflict in Myanmar

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.02 No.4, pp. 57-76
It seems that the Union of Myanmar is of all the Southeast Asian countries, most vulnerable to the problems arising from the issue of ethnic diversity. The central government, mainly led by the majority Burmans, has tried to integrate a variety of ethnic groups in federal institutions since independence. As the minorities have claimed greater autonomy, the result has been a continuous succession of insurrections.

The ethnic problems in Myanmar, however, are still a point of major concern, having even given rise to changes in its political structure. The Burmans, who occupied the center in the union, maintained different historical relationships with each on these ethnic groups. Such historical processes are reflected in the present, complicating the matter even more.

This paper shows how to define the complex concept of ethnic group ill a Southeast Asian society like Myanmar. Also we seek the fact that ethnic groups in Myanmar have experienced great alternations especially in their ethnicity through the histor cal processes -from the period of dynasties via the colonial rule to the nation-state- and continue to know of how ethnic conflict has been arisen in the nation-state.
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