미국의 정보고속도로와 생산시스템의 변화
‘Information Superhighway’ and the Change of production System in U.S.

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.04 No.3, pp. 83-110
This study aims to explain how the building of ‘information superhighway’ has changed the production system of manufacturing industry in U.S. The research questions of this study are as follows.

1) Which programs the private corporations has propelled to strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturing industry related to the information superhighway? And by which policy the government has supported the programs of private corporations?

2) How the information superhighway has changed the production system of manufacturing corporations?

3) How these changes of production system have effected the other aspects of manufacturing industry?

The findings of this study can be summarized as in the following.

1) The diffusion of information technology related to the information superhighway has changed the mode of coordination inside the corporations and between the corporations. Inside the corporations the mode of coordination is changing from ‘human-centered’ to ‘information technology-centered’. In the relation between the corporations ‘arm’s length’ transactions have been activated on the basis of telecommunication networks.

2) However, these changes of productions system have adversely effected the other aspects of manufacturing industry. First, these change has decreased the demand of employment and menaced the stability of employees. Second, the character of relation between the corporations is being unequal rather than being open and equal.
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