말레이시아 마하티르 총리의 정치갈등 극복의 리더십 연구
A Study on the Leadership of the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad"s Overcoming of Political Conflict

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서울대학교 국제지역원
국제지역연구, Vol.09 No.4, pp. 61-81
Independent since 1957, Mahathir"s coalition government of United Malays National Organization(UMNO) successfully put together a viable union of National Front through a strong network of party organization, funding and through generating an overwhelming support of the Malaysian populace by successfully implementing the policy of "Bumiputra."

The first inauguration of the Prime Minister goes back to 1981, and he has since wield a high level of popular support due to his pragmatic leadership in various issues, such as his policy on racial reconciliation, economic development, and restoring self-dignity to the Malaysian people.

The relationship between Mahathir and his Vice Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim began to deteriorate rapidly especially after the coincidental events of foreign policy crisis and intra-party strife. Subsequently, Mahathir forced to the resignation of Anwar, which led to his eventual downfall and arrest.

Restoring to various tactics of suppressing his opposition and defaming the personal integrity of his chief political rivals, Mahathir by and large succeeded in undermining the popular support of Anwar. In addition, an unforseen economic recovery which took place in the latter part of 1998 has played a significant role in acquiescing any political opposition. Furthermore, a triumphant win in the national election and the concurrent increase in the foreign investment were clear indicators of the efficacy of his regime.

In conclusion, the consolidation of UMNO and the strengthening of the government organ, and the subsequent economic recovery have, in all likelihood, sealed a prolonged rule by the Prime Minister Mahathir, without him having to relinquish power.
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