정치 변동과 정당 특성 분석을 통해 본 전진이탈리아(Forza Italia)의 성공 요인과 전망
Conditions of Success and Perspective of Forza Italia: Analysis of the Political Change of Italy and the Character of Forza Italia

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서울대학교 국제대학원
국제지역연구, Vol.12 No.1, pp. 91-111
전진이탈리아베를루스코니하부정치문화후견주의정당지배체제미디어매개 인물정당
This writing examined the political-social and institutional change of Italy in order to explain objective conditions of success of Forza Italia. It analysed on the other hand the character of its voters, the media-mediated effect of Forza Italia, and the personality effect of Silvio Berlusconi in order to explain subjective conditions of success of Berlusconi"s Forza Italia. And thus the perspective of Forza Italia and its coalition government was mentioned.

First, a positive situation for Forza Italia as a non-confessional conservative party was shaped by the fact that above all the catholic political subculture of the catholic-conservative political subculture was dissolved during the process of the secularization since the later half part of the decade 1970. Secondly, the rejection symptom of the Italian people against the clientelistic partitocrazia developed into the party-hatedness and then created a positive effect for the new political parties. Thirdly, the introduction of the majority election system forced personalized election strategy and coalition between political parties. Lastly, the reinforcement of the media influence on the Italian people was connected successfully with the personalized symbolization of Berlusconi, and Forza Italia ordered an effective coalition strategy on the regionalized vote distribution of the Italian people.

Regarding the perspective, it is important that a new cleavage of the political subcultures was arranged like Center-Conservative and Moderate-Left ones since the later half part of the decade 1990, till the gradual centerization of the Italian voters. Forza Italia would also follow this gradual centerization because of its marketing strategy characteristics.
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